Our production process

In our production, we work with all forms of pipe processing such as retail manufacturing,
contract work and the production of chairs, student benches and tables under the own brand EKV.

Efficient Assembly, Packaging & Distribution: Quality Delivery Guaranteed

With the help of skilled employees and a close collaboration with our customers, we can offer assembly and assembly, packaging and distribution directly to the end customer.

For us, it is important that you and your customers receive their delivery in the right way, to the right place and at the right time. Lean Production is our tool together with our continuous quality & environmental work.



Idea & Construction

We help you realize your idea into a product that is ready and ready to meet the market. Smart design solutions and own production of drawing materials, prototypes, tools, welding fixtures and bending templates. Our competent staff takes you and your idea throughout the value chain. Technical development and a focus on continuous improvement together with creative thinking provide the conditions.


Pipe bending

We are constantly investing in new technology and competence development of our skilled staff to be able to offer the very best results. Fully electric CNC-controlled bending machines work together with robots in fully automated cells. The machines bend both right and left bends and also have the option of rolling the pipes in the same cycle. Search for weld seam is done so that the seam will always end up in the same place in the detail. Searching for reference holes for bending laser-cut tub es is also possible.

With the help of a so-called “booster function”, we can give the pipe a little extra power, which means that we can usually bend narrower than with traditional methods. This means that we can stretch the rule of thumb that bending cannot be narrower than 2 times the outer diameter of the pipe.



Welding — Manual or robot - your need determines


Experienced welders with broad competence perform welding in different welding methods such as MIG / MAG and TIG welding and soldering. Our modern machine park consists of several welding robots for different needs. Robot welding is done with CMT technology, which means that welding spraying is minimized. We manufacture our welding fixtures in our own workshop, which ensures high precision and quality of the product.


Powder coating

A modern painting plant gives us great opportunities to offer contract manufacturing to other companies in EU. We perform powder coating of various materials and types of goods, from single parts up to 2500 mm length to long larger recurring series. We use Bonderite corrosion protection and the painted product receives corrosion class 4 High.

A major advantage of powder coating is that it is a so-called dry painting method where the paint does not contain any solvents, which is very positive from an environmental and sustainability perspective. Powder coating also has very good resistance to mechanical wear and provides great opportunities for variation by combining different colors, gloss and structures.





From our complete solution, you as a customer can choose which parts, we will help you with. We are flexible and perform many different types of contract work. Maybe you want us to handle both assembly, packing, warehouse management and logistics. Parts from other subcontractors can be sent to us for smooth handling and coordination. No matter what you choose, accuracy, precision and speed also apply here – Lean Production right through.