Pipe processing and bending

The core of Ingrat’s production


We're committed to continual progress, investing in both cutting-edge technology and the skill development of our proficient team to deliver top-tier outcomes.

Ingrat boasts extensive expertise in tube bending, accumulated over years of experience. Our utilization of our CNC tube bending machines enables us to tackle even more intricate designs. Our technical prowess extends to bending round tubes with thicknesses reaching up to d42x2.0mm, making them particularly suitable for applications within the furniture industry. Additionally, we proficiently handle a range of square and oval profiles, crafted from carbon steel. Our array of bending tools is substantial, catering to prevalent tube diameters and bending radii. And if needed, we’re flexible to accommodate customized requests by obtaining specific bending tools for less common tube sizes and radii, as agreed upon with our clients.