Powder coating

An eco-friendly surface treatment option


Powder coating

Through our modern paint facility, we have excellent capabilities to offer contract manufacturing services to fellow companies within the EU. Our expertise covers powder coating for a wide range of materials and product types, spanning from individual components measuring up to 2500 mm in length to longer, sizable, and repetitive production runs. To ensure corrosion resistance, we employ Bonderite protection, achieving a high corrosion class 4 rating for the coated products.

A significant advantage of powder coating lies in its status as a “dry” painting method, devoid of solvents. This characteristic not only aligns well with environmental and sustainability concerns but also imparts robust mechanical durability. Furthermore, powder coating allows for versatile customization, enabling the fusion of various colors, gloss levels, and textures.

Our experienced operators apply paint to small batches and samples in a specially designated manual painting chamber. All this is done with great care, attention to detail, and thoroughness, indicating that the task is done in a very precise and careful manner.

In addition to our own powder coating, we have solid partnerships in place for chrome plating and galvanizing services.